How Does Solar Heating Work?

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    • How Does Solar Heating Work?

      Solar pool heating is one of the most energy efficient pool heating options available on the market today. The cost of setup is typically comparable to installing a pool heat pump or a gas powered pool heater, but the running and ongoing maintenance costs are far lower. In the right environment, a solar pool heater can pay for itself in savings that otherwise would have been spent on gas or electricity in energy intensive systems. One of the major advantages of solar heating is that it can be installed in combination with other pool heating solutions to deliver a far more efficient system overall.

      The Solar Collector

      The solar collector is the name given to the component of the solar pool heating system which collects solar energy. It is a network of pipes that run along your roof and transfers heat from incoming solar radiation into water passing them. Solar collectors were once easy to spot because they were always black and often an eyesore. Today, solar collectors are available in a range of visible colours to blend in with your roof. These different coloured systems are still utilising black surfaces angled at the sun to absorb as much radiation as possible. They just add another layer on the edge facing towards the ground with a more camouflaging colour.

      The Filter

      Because the solar collector is an expensive, specifically engineered piece of equipment with heating efficiencies dependent on regular flow, it is important that it does not become contaminated with debris. The filter in a solar system is usually the first place water goes as it leaves the pool system through a strainer.

      The Pump 

      The heat pump is responsible for pushing water from the pool through the filter and up into the solar collector. It is the most energy intensive component of solar pool heating, but it doesn’t need to run 24/7. You can program the pump to operate efficiently based on your needs, and if you are running solar panels at home, its energy demand can be met in an environmentally friendly way.

      Flow Control

      Flow control is the smart component of a solar pool heating system. It is the unit which senses temperature in the collector and pool, and determines if and when the collector can be bypassed to save on energy costs running the pump.

      Australian Energy Systems Can Install Solar Heating for Your Pool

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