Pool Heating Across Australia

Everyone loves swimming in a heated pool. Our goal is to extend your swimming season and ensure you can use your pool anytime. With over 20 years’ experience in pool heating, the mission of Australian Energy Systems Pool Heating is to help you choose the right heating system for your pool.

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    • Over 20 Years

      Australian Energy Systems Pool Heating has the decades of experience you can rely on.

    • Quality Tested Products

      Cutting edge, innovative products – Australian Made and Australian Owned.

    • Expertise & Support

      Let the Australian Energy Systems Pool Heating team guide you to the perfect heating solution for your needs.

      • Heat Pumps

        Using the latest generation in technology that extracts heat from the air to heat your pool, similar to a reverse-cycle air conditioner.  

        Heat Pumps
      • Solar Pool Heating

        Best for

        Most economical way to heat a pool

        Harness the Sun’s energy and heat your pool economically whilst looking after the environment. You’ll have an environmental conscience with an economical outcome — a win-win for you and the planet.

        Solar Pool Heating
      • Gas Pool Heating

        Best for

        Fastest Heat Up Times, All Weathers

        Gas pool heaters are fast, reliable, efficient and can be used all-year round, in all weather conditions.

        Gas Pool Heating
      • Residential Pool Covers

        Best for

        Supporting your chosen Pool Heating solution

        [wpseo_breadcrumb] Pool Covers for Your Home Pool If you’re looking to enhance your pool heating options with a residential pool cover or pool blanket, we have the right option for…

        Residential Pool Covers
    • How Can We Help You?

      Our maintenance and servicing specialists are your instant solution for managing all solar pool heating. If you need help with your pool heater, just call Australian Energy Services for fast expert service. We also do insurance reports for hail damage, replacing basic filtration and solar pumps.

      Maintenance & Servicing

      Making sure that your pool heating solution is maintained and performing optimally is the key to longevity. Austrailian Energy Systems Pool Heating provides a full range of services for pool heating. If you’re interested in having your installed system undergo maintenance or servicing, get in touch with us!

      Solar Pool Heating Australia

      For top-quality pool heating, expert friendly service and any help you need with your system, call us on 1300 863 812 or contact us online for services in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. We’ll be happy to provide any information you need.

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