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EFI Ultra Heat Pumps

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    • Connecting to Wi-Fi

      See how to connect your smart pool heater to your home Wi-Fi network. This
      will also pair the unit with your preferred mobile device, so you can
      remotely control your pool temperature from anywhere.

      Setting a timer

      See how to use the convenient touchscreen on your pool heater to set an
      on/off timer. Heat your pool before you dive in, and save energy by making
      sure the heater turns off when not in use.

      Setting operation mode

      Learn which mode to use on your Ultra pool heater for any situation. Whether
      you want to heat your cold pool quickly or just maintain its temperature in
      warmer months, it’s easy to select from the touchscreen menu.

      Setting pool temperature

      Find out how to manually set your ideal pool temperature. Your heater’s
      touchscreen menu displays useful information – like the pool’s current
      temperature – which also helps you choose the level of warmth that’s right
      for you.

      Setting the clock

      Learn how to adjust the time and date on your pool heater unit, which will
      allow you to then set on/off timers. We recommend doing this when first
      using your pool heater.

      Water flow and temperature differential

      Find out how to check whether water is flowing properly through your pool
      heater. Ensuring that this rate is correct, and adjusting for any variation,
      is crucial to the operation of your heating system.