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Rhino Black

Specifically designed to withstand the harsh Australian climate balancing performance and value.

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Best for

Defending against the harsh Australian Weather
  • Flat / A-frame angled roof

  • Range of Panel Sizes

  • Fast pool heating

  • Supports higher pool temperatures

  • Modular design, easy installation

  • Cockatoo and Vermin Resistant

    • The Only Rigid Solar Pool Heating Panel Made in Australia

      Providing both efficiency and cost effectiveness, Rhino Black is produced by Boss Solar – Australia’s largest and most trusted solar pool heating manufacturer that AES Pool Heating has worked with as a top quality provider: With over 25 years of experience, you too can rely on Boss Solar to provide the most innovative and reliable solar pool heating products.

      The Rhino Black has been specifically designed to withstand the harsh Australian climate. Supplied with top quality componentry and at an affordable price, Rhino Black offers both performance and value with a 25 year warranty.

      • Rhino Rooftop Image
      • Further Benefits

        • Australian Made – Support Australian products by purchasing a Rhino Black system, the only rigid panel to be manufactured in Australia
        • Ability to Utilise Any Roof Space – With over 15 panel size combinations, Rhino Solar gives you the flexibility to utilise any roof space.
        • Widest Range of Panels – With over 15 different panel size combinations, Rhino Solar can be easily customised to suit almost any roof.
        • Top Quality Componentry – Each component within the Rhino Black system has been individually engineered for performance and longevity.
        • Manufactured using UV Stabilised Polypropylene – Selected for its excellent heat transfer properties and toughness, UV stabilised polypropylene is ideally suited for resisting direct sun exposure and pool chemicals
      • Rooftop Image of Rhino Blacl Solar System
      • Built for Australia’s Climate

        Tough and Durable Design Makes Rhino Black resistant to:

        • Cockatoo and Vermin Attack
        • Hail Damage
        • Wind and Weather Dislodgement
        • UV Exposure
        • Pool Chemicals
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      • Installation

        Simple to Install and Service – Rhino Black is easy to install and service as its components can be quickly and easily fixed or replaced.

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      • Warranty

        Rhino Solar comes with a 25 year Manufacturer’s warranty, the longest in the industry. This means that you can install Rhino once and never have to worry about it again (Warranty conditions apply).

        Rest easy knowing you have the best product in the world and the support of an experienced local manufacturer.