Solar Pool Heating

Harness the Sun’s energy and heat your pool economically whilst looking after the environment. You’ll have an environmental conscience with an economical outcome — a win-win for you and the planet.

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Best for

Most economical way to heat a pool
  • Extend the swimming season

  • Eco-friendly

  • Save on Power Bills

  • Quiet Operation

  • Durable and Reliable

  • Australian Owned and Made

    • Harness the Sun’s energy and heat your pool economically whilst looking after the environment.

      Benefits of Solar Pool Heating:

      • Even on cloudy days radiant heat from the sun occurs
      • No power is used to heat the pool if installed with a coexisting filter pump
      • Can be installed on flat roofs or concrete slabs
      • Can be installed on north, east or western roofs
      • Can be combined with any supplementary heating system
      • Solar is still effective even on cloudy days
      • Extends your swimming season by up to 9 months of the year
    • How it works

      The cool water is simply pumped up to the roof, is heated by the solar panels and returned to the pool a much warmer temperature. Whether you have an old or new pool our solar pool heating can be retro fitted to just about any set up. Since you’ve got the pool why not use it more?

      • Nanotek Extreme

        Best for

        If you're looking for the latest and greatest pool heating technology!

        Are you ready to start using your pool more? With Nanotek Extreme Solar Pool Heating you can expect to swim 7 – 9 months a year at 27 degrees plus temperatures.

        Nanotek Extreme
      • Ultimate Blue

        Best for

        Our standard product for solar heating performance

        Ultimate Blue is Patented technology using State-of-the-Art Co-Extrusion techniques to provide a MultiLayered Composite Solar Strip collector with the best properties and warranty in the industry.

        Ultimate Blue
      • Venetian

        Best for

        Aesthetic focused colour requirements

        What colour is your roof? The color of the roof is often a concern when selecting solar pool heating, because at times it can be quite visible from the street. Many a pool owner has braved colder water and gone without solar pool heating simply from an aesthetic point of view. But now, those days...

      • Rhino Black

        Best for

        Defending against the harsh Australian Weather

        Specifically designed to withstand the harsh Australian climate balancing performance and value.

        Rhino Black
    • Extending the swimming pool season

      If you invest in a swimming pool for your family, you want it to be used as much as possible. You no longer have only the warmer months to swim in. Thanks to solar pool heating, you can take a dip in your pool any time of year! Even on the coldest days, you have a warm pool to swim in. It doesn’t even need to be sunny out to work. Even on cloudy days, the heat will still operate the heating system.

      Eco-friendly solution

      You are harnessing the power of the sun when you choose solar pool heating. Solar power is the “greenest” and cleanest energy source available. Large solar panels will collect UV rays that heat the water and pump it back into your pool. It will have very little effect on your carbon footprint.

      Save on power bills

      You won’t see a rise on your energy bills because of a pool heater if you go solar! You’ll get your return on your pool heating investment in two to seven years thanks to all you save on your energy bills. It has the biggest return out of all the heating sources because, after that time period, you’re essentially getting your pool heated for free for a further 15 years (on average).

      Quiet operation

      The solar pool heater is so quiet; you won’t even know when it is working! While other heat pumps have a humming sound to them, you won’t get that with the solar pool heating. You can relax without any annoying background buzzing.

      Durable and reliable

      A solar pool heating system rarely needs servicing, so you will be saving money on maintenance and servicing costs too. A solar pool heater can last 15-20 years, and sometimes even longer. The solar panels themselves will go beyond that, typically lasting for 30 years.

      Australian-owned and made

      AES Pool Heating is an Australian-owned company that proudly stocks and installs Australian-made products. Our products are made with the highest quality materials that are built to last. They are all quality tested before they come to your home to ensure you are only getting the best products. AES Pool Heating produce cutting-edge products and bring them to your home. We have 20 years’ experience in the industry. We have installed hundreds of pool heaters in that time that families have been able to enjoy all year round.

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