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      AES Pool Heating is your instant solution for any type of pool heating maintenance and services. If your pool heater is having problems, we’re here to help.

      Why Maintenance Is So Important

      Modern pool heating systems are very reliable but if there are problems, those problems can equal some serious expenses to fix them. The problems may or may not be obvious.

      The Most Common issues with Pool heating are listed below:

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      • The pool doesn’t heat like it used to:

        • The heating system is probably old, and may need either servicing or replacement. An upgrade to a new pool heater is usually the best fix in these cases. Some older pool systems simply no longer have the parts they need on the market.
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      • The temperature isn’t right:

        • Possibly a thermostat or control issue, but may also relate to the heating elements in your system. Either way, the pool heater isn’t performing properly and needs to be thoroughly checked.
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      • Pool warms up but doesn’t stay warm:

        • There may be only a minor fault causing the heating system to fail or cut out. Even so, it needs to be checked to ensure there’s nothing seriously wrong with it.
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      • Unusually noisy and slow system:

        • That may mean the heating system is starting to have major issues. The system should be overhauled and thoroughly examined to find any possible emerging problems.
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      • Broken down:

        • If the pool heater simply doesn’t work, obviously there’s a problem. However – you are strongly advised to ensure that the system is fully checked out for other issues as well; an older system may be nearing the end of its working life. You may be better off upgrading than repairing the heating system.
    • Our Pool Maintenance & Servicing

      AES Pool Heating is your instant solution to pool heating problems. Our highly experienced technicians can provide the services you need. We’ll check out your system thoroughly, find and fix the problems, and prevent minor issues from becoming major problems for you. We also offer support for hail insurance claims, filtration and more.


      Call AES Pool Heating for Expert Maintenance & Servicing

      For all the help and friendly guidance you need with pool heating maintenance and services, call us on 1800 243 887 or contact us online. Speak directly to our dedicated team of expert technicians and we’ll be happy to get your pool back to perfect condition.