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Nanotek Extreme

As one of the latest innovations in solar pool heating, the Nanotek Extreme offers faster heat up times using nano-graphitic technology to efficiently harness solar energy and warm your pool.

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  • Newest Innovative Product

  • Ultra Efficient 'No Gap' system

  • Most Efficient Solar System

  • Faster Heat Up Times

  • Optimally Extended Swim Season

  • Flexible Solution Fit

    • The Most High Tech, Top of the Range Solar Collector

      Patented Nano-Graphitic Technology

      Using cutting edge patented Co-Extrusion techniques in conjunction with the superior combination of Nano Graphitic material and PVC Nitrile we now have the latest in solar pool heating technology. The Nano Graphitic material allows the suns rays to transfer through the PVC Nitrile faster making the solar up to 40% more efficient than the other solar heating offerings, which means you get to swim in your pool longer at a temperature everyone can enjoy.

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      • Maximum Efficiency

        You Get More Heating, with Significantly Less Roof Coverage.

        The special Matt Black outer surface absorbs 20%* incident solar radiation than standard solar collector. The Nano-Graphitic inner tubes then transfer the Sun’s Energy 30%* quicker into 18%* more water flowing through the larger 8mm diameter tubes than other offerings.

      • Image of NanoTek Installation on rooftop
      • Installation

        Can be installed on Tin or Tile roofs the Nanotek Extreme product solution is a flexible system that can be installed around skylights, whirlybirds and other roof top obstacles.

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      • Warranty

        The Nanotek Extreme comes with a 15 year warranty which will keep you swimming in your heated pool for many years to come (Warranty conditions apply).

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      To choose the perfect solar pool heating options for your home, get in touch with the Pool Heating Team. For more information on installing Nanotek Solar Pool heating in your pool, call 1300 863 953 or contact us online today.