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Ultimate Blue Solar Pool Heating

Our standard product for solar heating performance that uses a patented multi layered composite solar strip to efficiently warm your pool. As one of the most durable systems available, it comes with the best warranty in the industry.  

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  • Renewable Energy

  • Innovative Technology

  • Built to withstand Aussie weather

  • Optimally Extended Swimming Season

  • Tile or Tin roof

  • Australian Owned & Made

    • Ultimate Blue Solar Pool Heating

      Ultimate Solar Blue uses state-of-the-art co-extrusion technology to offer the finest performance and warranty in the industry.

      The MaxBlack outer layer and web material has the best UV Weathering Resistance package available. It utilizes a high matting agent to maximise Solar Absorption and has increased Toughness in order to Resist Mechanical Damage and Puncturing. The Ultimate Blue inner layer has the best chemical, flex fatigue and barb sealing properties available, in addition to Enhanced Heat Conductivity.

      Download Ultimate Blue Brochure (663kb)

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      Features and Benefits of Solar Blue

      The amazing benefits of Ultimate Solar Blue pool heating include:

      • Industry-leading warranty
      • Available in 10, 12 or 14 tube configurations
      • UV protection and weather resistance
      • Simple maintenance
      • Resistant against mechanical damage and puncturing
      • Chemical resistance, flex fatigue, and barb-sealing properties
      • Enhanced heat conductivity
      • Co-extruded technology for performance and longevity
      • Punched profiles are harder for strong winds to displace
      • Visually pleasing, neat collector webbing
      • Image of Multi-layered CO-extruded
      • Co-Extruded Technology

        Compared to earlier solar pool heating mono-polymer collectors that compromise on performance and longevity, only Co-Extruded profiles used within Ultimate Blue and NanoTek Extreme can offer you the Latest and Best in Solar Pool Heating Efficiency.

      • Punched Collector with Silicon Mushrooms
      • Installation

        Single Day Installation

        Ultimate Blue 10 Tube Solar Collector is available in non-punched or punched profiles. The main advantage of punching a hole in the web of the collector is to provide excellent adhesive qualities. As the silicone pops out of the punched web holes in a mushroom shape, it creates a mechanical lock between the roof and the collector, making it virtually impossible to be displaced by strong winds.

        Punching the web of the profile, also allows the Pool Professional to quickly, easily, and neatly strip the collector webbing, providing a more visually pleasing result.

        Punched Collectors also provide improved external drainage capabilities during rain. The holes in the webbing of the collector mean that during rainy days, external water can easily drain through the holes and enable the roof to breathe.

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      • Warranty

        Ultimate Blue comes with a 15 year warranty and as they are formulated to withstand harsh Australian conditions your pool will always be the perfect temperature. (Warranty conditions apply).

    • Call Australian Energy Systems for Information

      To choose the perfect solar pool heating options for your home, get in touch with the Pool Heating Team. For more information on installing Ultimate Solar Blue heating in your pool, call 1300 863 953 or contact us online today.