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Supporting your chosen Pool Heating solution
    • Residential Pool Covers or Pool Blankets are a great way to help heat your pool. Pool covers can not only help heat your pool by as much as 8 degrees, but also help to reduce water loss and surface heat loss. Just by adding a pool blanket to your pool you can cut your pool heating energy bill by as much as 50%.

      Pool covers and blankets come in a variety of colors and are usually graded by Micron thickness which is actually the thickness of the bubble curve.

      The most common pool cover micron thicknesses are listed below:

      • 250 Micron Pool Cover

        250 Micron pool covers are a great cover for reducing water loss, available in blue only they are the lightest of the pool blankets and are more than suitable for any above or in ground pool.

        250 Micron pool covers come with a 3 year pro rata warranty.

      • 400 Micron Pool Cover

        400 Micron pool covers are the most commonly used pool blanket, suitable for any pool or spa the 400 micron blanket is quite tough. Available in Blue, Green and also available in the non-heating ‘Kool’ cover.

        400 Micron pool covers  come with a 5 year pro rata warranty.

      • 500 Micron Pool Cover

        500 micron pool covers are considered to be industrial strength. Designed to withstand the harshness of the Australian environment and the rugged treatment of commercial pools, a 500 micron pool blanket is suitable for any pool. Available in Blue, Blue/Silver.

        500 micron pool blanket comes with a massive 8 year pro rata warranty.