Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

Swimming pool heat pumps offer you total control over the temperature of your pool.  Heat Pumps are quick and easy to install and ensure your pool is always ready to use at a temperature you want.
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  • Swim All Year

  • More efficient than Gas Heaters

  • Fast Install, Any Location

  • Automatic Temperature Control

  • 7-10 Year Life Expectancy

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    • Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

      Swimming pool heat pumps are designed to maintain a comfortable temperature in your pool year-round. 

      Having a swim whenever you like and having your pool feel like a resort is easy with a heat pump. Whether you want to swim when you get home from work or need to exercise more often in the morning, a heat pump is the perfect cost-effective pool heating solution.   

      Swimming pool heat pumps use electricity combined with extracting outside air temperature to create extra energy to heat your pool very similar to air conditioners. 

      Swimming pool heat pumps generally come in 2 models, known as on/off heat pumps and inverter heat pumps.   Inverters are now considered the market leader and typically use far less power than their previous counterparts. 

      Heat pumps can also be used with or without a pool cover however a pool cover is always recommended when using a heat pump. 

      • Commercial Heat Pumps

        The commercial heat pump series are designed to cope with the demands of the modern aquatic facility, no matter how large or small. Keep your business costs down and simplify your pool heating management with automatic temperature control that ensures your pool stays at resort level comfort at all times. Just set it to your desired...

        Commercial Heat Pumps
    • Benefits of Pool Heat Pumps

       At Australian Energy Systems, we use the latest technology to deliver superior performance when it comes to pool heaters. Our heat pumps are an example of this, offering a wide range of benefits: 

      • Ultra quiet performance 
      • Low running costs 
      • Fast installation 
      • Can be installed on pools of all sizes 
      • Easy to operate with smart controller 
      • High energy efficiency 
      • Tremendous life span 
      • Quality Assured 
      • Automatic temperature control 
      • Life expectancy of 7 to 10 years 

      In short, swimming pool heat pumps are a simple, cost effective and efficient way to heat your pool whenever you want. If you are looking for pool heating options that allow you to swim all year at your desired temperature, then a heat pump is the best solution for you.  

    • How Pool Heat Pumps Work

       Electric heat pumps work by taking the outside air and pumping the heat into the water until the desired temperature is reached in a refrigeration cycle. It doesn’t need a lot of energy to do this and actually uses a lot less than its gas counterpart. When the pool is nearly at the desired temperature, the heat pump starts to ramp down and not draw as much electricity which of course saves you money. 

    • Contact Australian Energy Systems for Pool Heat Pumps

       If you’re interested in getting a heat pump or other pool heating options, get in touch today. Our team is ready to install a system in your domestic or commercial pool in Brisbane, Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast. Call us 1800 243 887, email us at office@poolheating.com.au or contact us online.