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JX Gas Pool and Spa Heater

Enjoy on-demand heating without the hassle. The JX gas heater can achieve a 14°C increase in water temperature in 24 hours. This means you can warm your pool to a comfortable temperature of 28°C – 30°C in around one day, even in winter.

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  • Innovative Product

  • Indoor or Outdoor

  • Faster heat up times

  • Optimally Extended Swimming Season

  • Wall mounting

  • Australian Owned & Made

    • When it comes to fast and effective heating solutions for your pool all year round, the JX gas pool and spa heater is an excellent option. Its small size allows it to be wall mounted and makes it ideal for confined spaces, making it a popular pool heating option for indoor as well as outdoor pools.

      How the JX Gas Pool Heating Option Works

      The JX gas pool and spa heater is a premium fan forced above ground pool heater. It’s ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications in residential and commercial settings. The JX gas heater is designed to mount on the wall, saving space and making it easy to maintain.

      Its small size makes it ideal for confined spaces such as in small rooms that house a spa or spaces with a lot of furniture and other objects. A forced draft combustion system allows for lower clearances from windows and surrounding objects. While normal flues rely on natural draught, the JX heater is fan powered, allowing it to be more compact and efficient.

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      • Benefits of the JX Gas Heater 

        •  Fast heating on demand 
        • Efficient to run 
        • Wall mounting 
        • Allows for year-round swimming 
        • Smaller design and reduced clearance spaces 
        • Available for indoor and outdoor applications. 
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      • Installation

        Indoor or Outdoor, Wall Mounted

        The JX gas heater is a popular pool heating option because it can be installed in just half a day. This means minimal hassle and interruption to your daily routine. It also means that by the next morning, you can be swimming in a warm pool.


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      • Warranty

        The JX combustion cabinet and chamber carry a limited 5-year warranty. Meanwhile the waterways and burners are covered for 2 years and all other components are guaranteed for a full 12 months. Warranty conditions apply.

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