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      1800 243 88707 3299

      ➤ ABN: 84 085 168 403
      ➤ QBCC: 717872
      ➤ BSB: 064170

      Headoffice: Unit 17, 6 Maunder St Slacks Creek Qld Australia 4127

      Unit 17, 6 Maunder St Slacks Creek Qld Australia 4127

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    • AES Pool Heating is an Australian company, manufacturing top-quality, Australian-made heat pumps and solar heating systems for your swimming pool. We offer a comprehensive range or products and services, including installation, servicing and maintenance of swimming pool heating systems.

      AES Pool Heating Product Range

      AES Pool Heating is an Australian owned and operated manufacturer and supplier of swimming pool heating systems, including solar heating and associated products and services.

      The AES Pool Heating range of products includes:


      Upgrade Your Pool with a New Heat Pump

      Our current generation heat pumps offer excellent performance, cost efficiency and reliability.


      The Cheapest Way to Heat Your Pool

      Solar power is a great way to reduce power bills, and it’s the most environmentally friendly way to heat your pool. It’s a win-win option for you and the world.


      Pool Covers Are Great for Protecting Your Pool

      A pool cover provides excellent value, keeping debris out of your pool and also helping to keep your pool warm, reducing energy costs. With a pool cover, your energy costs can be reduced as much as 50%! Ask our team about a pool cover for your residential or commercial needs.

      Need Help with Your Pool?

      AES Pool Heating experts are your quick fix for your solar pool heating. Whenever you want quick, reliable help and support with your pool heater, call us. We additionally provide insurance reports for hail damage, support for your filtration and solar heat pumps.


      Keeping your pool heating system in good condition and making sure it has no operating issues is the best way to protect your system from potentially costly repairs.

      Regular maintenance is the easy way to cover all the possibilities and keep your pool heater operating perfectly. This is also a very practical way to spot and fix any minor issues before they become expensive problems. It’s best to get your pool serviced in the months before winter. If your system needs servicing, you can always call us for any help you require.

      If you’d like a service call or would like to schedule regular maintenance, just call us!

      Call AES Pool Heating for Your Pool

      If you’re looking for top-quality pool heaters, or need help with your pool heating issues in New South Wales, simply call AES Pool Heating on 1800 243 887 or contact us online. Talk to our experts about your needs and we’ll find the perfect pool heating solution for you.