Why Should I Buy Australian-Made Pool Products?

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    • Why Should I Buy Australian-Made Pool Products?

      In today’s age of global trade, it is easier than ever to order goods and services from around the world. Online prices is often much lower than the prices we find in local retailers or from local manufacturers. Money is always an important factor in decision making processes and for expensive products such as pool heating options, so it can be tempting to find cheap online alternatives. There are, however, several factors to consider when making such high value purchases that can help to justify buying Australian made products.

      Better Quality

      The internet is full of manufacturers utilising cheap materials, labour and expensive marketing. They are not interested in repeat customers or ongoing maintenance schedules; they are simply interested in sales. The problem with purchasing from these manufacturers is that they sell inferior products that will almost inevitably fail and leave you with a cold pool. Australian made products have to abide by Australian legal manufacturing standards, which are some of the highest and most robust in the world. Consumer protections are in place to avoid the sale of dodgy or unsafe components that could place you or your family at risk.

      More importantly, Australian made products are designed for use in the harsh and variable Australian climate. With a product like a pool heat pump that is designed to be used to modulate temperature and operate outside in the environment, using a product that is designed for Australia is important.

      Reliable Warranties

      Have you ever had a product fail on you only to realise that you need to post it all the way to Europe or Asia to get it fixed or replaced? A process like that can take months, and at the end of the day, there is little accountability when something gets lost in the mail. If you purchase Australian made products, you know that there is a person you can speak to about that product. If something needs to be fixed or replaced, there will be someone who knows the product who can come to your residence or place of business.

      Support Local Business

      Australian manufacturing has taken a hit due to runaway globalisation, and that has put many hard-working Australians out of a job. Buying locally produced goods helps out fellow Australians and keeps jobs in the country.

      Reduce Environmental Strain

      While goods bought overseas can be cheaper, there is a hidden cost in shipping and distribution that gets placed on the environment in the terms of emissions. One of the tenets of sustainability is to think global and act local to reduce the strain on ourselves and our neighbours.

      Australian Energy Systems Proudly Installs Australian Products

      Australian Energy Systems both manufactures and distributes high grade Australian made pool products for Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, including heaters and pool covers. Talk to one of our customer service consultants today on 1800 243 847 or contact us online to find out more about our ethical approach to business.