What size pool heat pump do you need?

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    • What Size Heat Pump Do You Need?

      Heat pumps are extremely efficient pool heaters. The units themselves do not actually generate heat, but use electricity to distribute it ingeniously. A heat pump can extract heat from cooler air than the water it is going to warm up. This means the operating costs of a heat pump are significantly less than a gas heater. This also means that a heat pump needs to be chosen effectively for its size and energy output to match the pool that needs warming. In this article we will discuss some basic calculations you can do at home to determine what size heat pump is right for you.

      The Basics

      Before you call your local provider and ask them to send you the heat pump that matches the outcome of the following calculations it is important to discuss your decision with them. They are the experts and they will have experience installing and servicing these units.

      It is also worth noting that using a pool cover, at the very least overnight will mean you need a heat pump which is roughly 25% less powerful than what you would need without one.

      The quantity of heat and time required to heat a pool is virtually impossible to be accurately calculated due to so many variables. This is because there are other factors at play than those we will discuss below like exposure to sun and wind that can affect the heating demand.

      How to Size Your Heat Pump

      Determine the Volume of Your Pool

      To determine the volume of your pool measure the surface area and then multiply that by the average depth. For example, a rectangular 3 x 5 metre pool with an average depth of 1.4 metres has a volume of 21 cubic metres. There are 1000 litres in a cubic metre, so the volume of our example pool is 21,000L.

      Apply a Conversion Factor

      Divide your pool volume by 2500. In the case of our above example that would generate 8.4. This is the number of kW required for your pool heat pump. Typically, heat pumps only come at specific power ratings, so choose the next one larger than 8.4kw.

      Other Factors

      The above conversion factor is based upon common requirements for New South Wales. It is the calculated power required when using a pool cover. Using a heat pump without a pool cover is like driving with the windows down while using air conditioning.

      The other factors of this calculation are based upon personal preference. The biggest factor for deciding a heat pump is the difference between the coldest average air temperatures you will want your pool to be usable at and the desired heating temperature of the pool. This is referred to as the heat gain requirement.

      Use an Online Calculator to Test Your Specifics

      There are online macro calculators that will determine specific power requirements for your pool based upon individual measurements and requirements including your local temperature range.

      Call Australian Energy Systems for More Information

      Australian Energy Systems have been installing and servicing pool heaters across New South Wales and Queensland in commercial and residential pools for more than twenty years. They know everything worth knowing about heat pumps and if you’d like to discuss how a heat pump could work for you call 1800 243 847 or get in touch online.