The Dos and Don’ts of Pool Heating

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    • The Do’s and Don’ts of Pool Heating

      If you’ve decided to heat your pool, then you’re on your way to having a luxurious advantage within your own home. Having your pool heated is very exciting, but some people can make some mistakes that can cost them time, money and comfort. Before you race out to get your pool heated, check out our handy Do’s and Don’ts guide on everything pool heating.

      Do Get the Best Heating You Can Afford

      Skimping on pool heating will be something you can regret. While there are plenty of options to suit your budget, go for the best heating type you can afford. This will allow you to make a long-term investment and feel peace at mind that you are receiving a high quality, durable product.

      Do Swim in it Whenever You Like

      Don’t fear using up too much energy by swimming in your pool. It costs to keep your pool warm, no matter which heating type you choose, so swim and enjoy in your pool anytime you choose!

      Do Use a Pool Cover

      Pool covers are a great form of insulation. Even if your pool is heated, heating a pool that has been covered is far more energy efficient, as the water is being heated from a higher temperature. Pool covers also keep your pool cleaner.

      Do Speak to a Pool Heating Consultant

      There are a lot of heating types to choose from, so make sure you talk to an experienced pool heating consultant to get the best heating for your circumstances.

      Don’t Forget to Factor in Maintenance Costs

      If you factor in maintenance costs on your pool heating, you are more likely to keep it regularly serviced and maintained. Even the best pool heating will require a regular service to keep it running at its best. Talk to your heating pool consultant on how often you’ll need to service your unit.

      Don’t Underestimate the Value of Having Pool Heating

      Having a heated pool isn’t just about being able to swim in winter. Being able to swim anytime means you have the option to participate in one of the best forms of exercise all year round. Swimming has fantastic therapeutic and cardiovascular health benefits, and is the ideal choice for those looking for a more relaxed, fitter lifestyle.

      Do Get Your Pool Heated by Australian Energy Systems

      Australian Energy Systems with over twenty years of experience installing and servicing pool heaters, we are more than happy to go over the do’s and don’ts of pool heating with you. Contact us online or call 1800 243 847 to find out more.