The Benefits of a Pool Cover

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    • The Benefits of a Pool Cover

      Experts in the pool industry are always confused when pool owners neglect their pools by not owning a cover. Pool covers are an integral part of any pool management strategy and will quickly pay for themselves in almost any environment. Pool covers come in all shapes and sizes, and can also be custom built for unusually shaped pools. In this article, we will briefly discuss some of the major benefits of pool covers and describe a few variations available on the market today.

      Less Debris

      One of the primary functionals of a pool cover is to cover the pool and protect it from falling debris. Leaves, bird droppings, grass clippings, and rubbish will all blow into your pool without a cover. Even with a cover, a small amount of debris will probably still enter your pool. This debris is not enjoyable to swim in, reduces the visual appeal of the pool, creates extra work and causes the rapid breakdown of pool chemicals.

      More Heat

      A pool loses nearly all of its heat from the surface
      Pool covers are an insulating barrier between the outside air and your pool. If you are running a pool heater such as a pool heat pump to warm water without a pool cover, it is equivalent to driving your windows open while trying to use the air conditioning. Pool covers help to trap the heat while you are heating the pool so you can save on energy costs.

      Pool covers will also help with passive pool heating by helping to trap heat from the sun that passes through into the pool. Thicker covers are better at this than thin covers.

      Less Evaporation

      Evaporative air conditioners have made a big impact in the air cooling market because evaporation is a powerful process for heat transfer. Unfortunately, in the context of swimming pools, this evaporation leads to a cooler pool, which is almost never what you want. Pool covers greatly reduce the rate of evaporation from pools by reducing the surface area of water in contact with the outside air.

      Cheaper Operation

      The cumulative effect of these pool cover contributions is a pool that is overall cheaper to run. It takes less energy to heat, requires less maintenance and pool chemicals, and needs to be topped up less often.

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