How to Choose a Solar Pool Heating System

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    • How to Choose a Solar Pool Heating System

      No one likes swimming in a cold pool. It’s like going swimming in winter; your entire body locks up and you can do nothing but shiver. Make your pool more comfortable by installing a solar pool heating system. Not only will this help you swim in whatever condition, but you will be saving money and protecting the environment.

      If you’ve got a pool, or you’re thinking about installing one, and you’re not sure how to choose the right solar pool heating system, read our handy guide.

      What’s Solar Pool Heating?

      Solar pool heating systems work through installation of solar collector on your roof. Pool water is pumped up to the roof where it’s heated up by UV rays and returned to your pool at a warmer temperature. You can control the system so it functions manually or automatically. Automation is achieved through the use of a digital controller that’s easy to function.

      What to Consider

      Solar pool heating systems can suit any household, old and new. However, before you go buying the first solar pool heating system you see, there’s a few of factors you should consider:

      • How Warm You Want Your Pool
      • Size of Your Pool
      • Size of Your Ground/Roof
      • Your Roof’s Shape and Material
      • How Often You Wish to Swim During the Year
      • Your Climate
      • How Much Shade Covers Your Roof and Pool
      • Budget

      Types of Solar Pool Heating Systems

      Different models of solar pool heating systems are more suitable for you than others. When choosing, carefully evaluate the following brands so you know what will work best with your pool:

      Nanotek Extreme

      The top of the range, Nanotek Extreme is suitable for those who love the latest technology. Nanotek Extreme uses patented Co-Extrusion techniques, along with a combination of Nano Graphitic material and PVC Nitrile. This will make your system 40% more efficient by transferring heat 20% faster. Nanotek Extreme can be installed on tin or tile roofs, and is suitable for roofs with skylights, whirlybirds and other accessories.

      Ultimate Blue

      Expect a high-quality standard of heating with Ultimate Blue. It utilizes co-extruded technology to give you a multilayered composite solar strip collector. Ultimate Blue also has a superb inner layer that will bring high performance sealing properties. Available in punched or non-punch profiles, Ultimate Blue can be installed in a day.

      Rhino Black

      Rhino Black is perfect for those who live in harsh weather conditions. It can withstand hail damage, wild winds and UV exposure, while also being resilient to pool chemicals and cockatoo and vermin attacks. Rhino Black also comes in over 15 panel size combinations, making it suitable for most roof spaces.

      How Much Will My Solar Pool Heating System Cost?

      get a return on your investment in 2 to 7 years! Your total costs depend on the size of your pool, your home and the climate you live in. The larger your pools, the more your system is going to cost. Speak to your solar pool heating system supplier about specific costs.

      Australian Energy Systems

      Australian Energy Systems can help you install a solar pool heating system that’s suitable for your home. Our friendly team will guide you through the entire installation process so you can have a heated pool whenever you’d like! Contact us on 1800 243 847 to find out more about products, installation, costs and maintenance.