Best Pool Covers to Prevent Water and Heat Loss

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    • A swimming pool is a big investment. Ensuring that it’s ready for you to enjoy all year-round is important. After all, you want to know that you’re getting a solid return on the financial cost of owning a pool and all the maintenance hours that you spend on it.

      While pool heating is ideal for maximising how often you’re able to jump in the water, there’s an additional option that can also reduce your heat and water loss and time cleaning your pool. Add a pool cover today to see the difference in your swim experience!

      Why use a pool cover?

      Whether you have a heated pool or not, the best pool covers have several benefits, all of which are related to keeping your costs and maintenance time down:

      Retains heat in your pool

      This extends your swim calendar by raising the pool temperature by up to 8°C. If you have pool heating, it can lower your pool heating costs by up to 50%.

      Minimises water loss

      This means that you’ll need to refill your pool less often and you’ll consume less water when you do. With a pool cover, you can almost eliminate water evaporation.

      Keeps light debris from settling in your pool

      This includes leaves and small twigs, which leads to quicker cleaning and eases the load on your skimmer and filter.

      Reduces chemical use

      This primarily applies to chlorine, which degrades over time when exposed to UV rays. You’ll spend less on chemicals and lower the energy costs of your pool systems.

      Best pool cover: AES bubble pool covers

      Sometimes called ‘solar blankets’, bubble pool covers are made from a plastic film that contains thousands of small air pockets. When laid out on your pool, they trap heat from the sun and retain it in the water. 

      At the same time, quality bubble pool covers (like those from AES) are treated to resist UV rays and act as a shield against the ultraviolet light that degrades the chlorine in your pool. 

      AES pool covers are available in a number of thicknesses, including 250, 400 and 525-micron. The thicker the blanket, the more long-lasting your pool cover will be. Have a pool that isn’t rectangular? Don’t worry, AES can customise its pool covers to suit any size.

      We recommend: 

      250-micron for occasional use to reduce water loss in smaller pools. 

      400-micron for a good balance of usability and toughness that’s perfect for most pools.

      525-micron for heavy duty applications and pools that experience harsh weather.

      Best pool cover: HeatLoc liquid pool cover

      For families with frequent swimmers, who don’t want to roll out a traditional pool cover after each swim, a liquid pool cover could be the ideal solution. HeatLoc works by forming a microscopic molecular film across the top of your pool, using a lighter-than-water liquid solution. 

      It’s completely undetectable and safe for both swimmers and pets. Because HeatLoc is biodegradable and environmentally friendly, it won’t affect your water chemistry or disrupt your pool equipment. While it won’t stop leaves from settling in your pool, it will reduce water evaporation by up to 30% and can save you up to 30% on heating costs.

      HeatLoc also has the added benefit of being effective even during swim sessions! While serious splashing will disrupt the barrier momentarily, the cover automatically reforms in almost no time at all. 

      We recommend: 

      HeatLoc liquid pool cover for everyday protection from water evaporation and ultra-simple heating. 

      Find the best pool cover for your swimming pool, or pair a cover with an efficient pool heating system. Make the most of your swim time, 365 days a year!